cookie_mccool (cookie_mccool) wrote,

When I'm asleep, I am a genius

So in between the dream about KFC having its own line of ice cream in the supermarket and the dream about waking up as a space pirate vampire who used to be a space cyborg non-pirate (fun science fiction fact: when you're a cyborg, all your hair falls out, don't ask me why; fun vampire fact: blood does not taste any good at all, so don't drink it, kids), I had this absolutely brilliant cheesecake idea.  It would be best suited for, like, a butter pecan cheesecake.  Instead of using graham cracker crumbs for the crust, use crushed Pecan Sandies.  I think that would be extra tasty, and the next cheesecake I make after the one I'm fixing to make in a minute, I will try it.  Unless I eat up all the Pecan Sandies first, because space pirate vampires LOVE them some Pecan Sandies.

The sad thing is, my dreaming post-Effexor are much more normal than they used to be.  When I got attacked by a cougar the other night and then a giant cave bear-sized black bear also attacked me at the same time (third time I'd been attacked by a black bear in a month, apparently) and then some crazy old coot blowed up the giant black bear, that wasn't really too weird.  (I don't recommend blowing up black bears, though, because nothing attracts other black bears than the remains of a blowed up one, and you KNOW you're not going to clean that shit up afterward.)
Tags: cheesecake recipes, cougars, cyborgs, dreams, giant black bears, space pirates, vampires

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