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Seriously, that baggage return is quite vexing me with worriness

So maybe it's perfectly normal to have to buy internet shampoo [in my defense, said internet shampoo (and matching conditioner, OBviously) kept my hair really healthy and happy during a two-year period of bimonthly bleaching and coloring, so it is clearly very special shampoo], and maybe it's not the worst thing in the world to pay $12 in shipping for it because 550 mL bottles of shampoo and conditioner are really freaking heavy.  But does it get weird when I start thinking about learning to speak and read Japanese just so I know where to use the bonus soap that came with the shampoo?  It would not be appropriate to use the soap on the wrong parts.  If it's meant for kitten pitties and I use it on my face, I might die!
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