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An awesome potholder of obnoxious deathAnother awesome potholder of obnoxious death
The patterns is from Stitch 'N' Bitch Crochet Whatever, which is is written a little too twee and hipper-than-thou, like all the Stitching and Bitching books, but is also one of my most-used references, like all the Stitching and Bitching books.  The writing is steeped in smug douchebaggery, but the material and patterns are solid.  (Sorry, Debbie, but you really come across as a lady douchebag the way you write.)  I think the title of the crochet book is Happy Hookers?  Oh, how clever.  See, because you use what is called a crochet "hook", and then it is a pun on prostitution, because we are EDGY and oh so very naughty!  Because obviously if you're just regular crocheting without any sense of smugness or irony or naughty edginess, you must be a loser.  What is that you're working on there, a ripple afghan?  Still, kick-ass potholders.
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