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The Numbers

Last year I decreed that I would knit or crochet at least one thing a month, even if it was just a bullshit scarf.  Extra credit points would be awarded for finishing up an old incomplete project that had been languishing in Bottom Of The Closet Limbo.  So here's what I got accomplished:

Vintage '20s wrap  (wearability status: lumpen; use only when unwilling to turn up thermostat)
Bullshit scarves:16  (some of these were unfinished projects ascending to Completed Heaven)
Gator scarf (from and their excellent Critter Knits)
Dino scarf  (see above)
Flamingo scarves: 2  (see above above)
Calorimetry head scarf  (, excellent for pigtails)
Little cable scarf  (I believe this pattern was from a Stitch N Bitch book, maybe the one for men)
Monet scarf  (another Morehouse Farm jobby-do; great yarn but a bit pricey)
Jaeger sweater  (some kind of random pattern I bought somewhere)
Socks!  Socks!  Socks!:  2  (I'm really geeked about knitting socks on 5 dpns right now)
Dishcloths: 2  (where else?  Mason-Dixon Knitting!)
Plain watch cap to match one of the bullshit scarves

V-stitch blankets:  4
Chemo hats: 2  (bonus awesome points awarded for shaving my head for the duration of the recipient's chemo)
V-stitch baby blankets: 2  (babies love this pattern, as it helps them find their fingers and toes)
Crochet slippers
Bullshit scarves:  4  (made with a mesh stitch; light and not extra warm but compulsively fun as fuck to make)
Skull potholders: 4  (Stitch N Bitch crochet book)

Pretty ding-dang productive, if I do say so myself!  This year's incomplete totals are as follows:

Socks: 2
Dishcloths: 2

Bullshit scarves: 4
Cardigan  (From The Chicks W/Sticks Crochet Guide; wearability status: fat, haven't even bothered to weave in ends yet)
V-stitch baby blankets : 2
Skull potholders: 2

Belinda shawl  (Mason-Dixon 2: The Masoning-Dixoning)
Vintage '20s wrap in Chewbacca
Bullshit knit scarf  (always keep one handy for watching subtitled movies)
Socks  (always keep one handy for doctor's appointments)
V-stitch baby blanket  (also handy for subitiled movies or Deadliest Catch, now, that I think about it)

I am clearly awesome.  I would like to make the cool luchadore masks from Stitch N Bitch Menfolks, but unfortunately I don't know any men of sufficient awesomeness.  So... more socks, I guess, because those never get tired.  I'd also like to get a couple more cardigans in this year, but that will probably have to wait until summer when I'm off work (paid summers off are the upside of working at a community college; being paid like a Hebrew slave is the downside).
Tags: crochet, knit, my awesomeness, super-duper productivity

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