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My three rhubarb plants on the front porch are producing SEEDS.  The flowers were gratifying enough, but now they want to make babies!  And I didn't even fertilize them or let the local bumblebees come inside or anything.  (Although my goober retard dog knocked the shit out of the pot, releasing the most terrifying accidental pollen cloud I have ever seen.  I guess that's all the pollinator they needed, a black Lab/ pit mix on spaz pills.  So if all the honey bees do die off, I'll just Zada out to knock flowers over, and we won't all starve to death.  She could even star in her own awesome remake of The Wicker Man:  "The stench!  The dog stench is in my eyes!!"  Hollywood, call me.)

Anyway.  I am not only awesomely knitting and awesomeyl crocheting, I am extra awesomely indoorly gardening!  Haven't a clue what to do with the seeds, though.  IThree rhubarbs is about all I have room for right now.
Tags: awesome awesome me, bumblebees, gardening, rhubarbs

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